Keep Your Cool This Summer With DASH


Is your air conditioning unit ready for the demands of summer, or has it seen better days? Is the coolant circulating through its aging coils old enough to remember 8-tracks or cassette tapes? Is the sight of your thermostat through a curtain of sweat raining off of your brow starting to give you a case of the "hot and bothered?"

With summer just around the corner, this is no time for your AC unit to be making you hot under the collar, not with DASH Heating & Cooling® just a phone call away!

Whether your unit needs a helping hand or the heave-ho with a shiny new replacement, call us at 224-DASH and we'll be on the way, ready to handle any AC problem large or small.

  • Need air conditioner repair? Call 224-DASH and we'll be on our way, ready to replace a wire, a coil, or anything up to an entire unit.
  • Need air conditioning service? Call 224-DASH and we'll be there in a flash to inspect your AC unit and perform any needed maintenance.
  • Want to stay comfortable and save on AC bills too? Call 224-DASH and ask about installation of a programmable thermostat.
  • And if Galloping Gertie has blown a coil and is down for the count, you need help and you need it NOW. Call 224-DASH and you’ll know why our customers keep coming back year after year.

Since 1939, DASH has been keeping our customers comfortable year-round, and whether the job is large or small, residential or commercial, your satisfaction is our goal.

So give us a call at 224-DASH (that's 501-224-3274) or contact us online and we'll help you avoid those summertime blues!

And don't forget, "We're There When We Say, or You Don't Pay!"™