Know Who To Call When You Have Furnace Problems


There's nothing quite like enjoying a hot cup of cocoa in the warmth and comfort of your home with the ones you love. That might sound overly saccharine to some, but it won't be so corny if your heating system fails on you when you least expect it.

Heating system repair is not something you want to put off. Being stuck in a cold house isn't enjoyable for anyone and, sometimes, it can be downright threatening.

More reasons to consider having your heater operating at optimal levels:

1 Carbon monoxide leaks claim an average of 170 people a year and some of those casualties are due to poor heater maintenance.

2 Like any machine, one overlooked problem can lead to further malfunctions that could've been prevented before said problem became a serious problem. Your furnace is no different.

3 Inspection and minor repairs will keep you from having to shell out your hard earned cash for a new system.

With the drastic temperature lows we've experienced in our Natural State, why endure another freezing night when you can rest and sleep easy knowing your heating system can match anything icy Mother Nature throws your way?

Since 1939, DASH Heating & Cooling® has been setting the bar as the go to guys for full-service heating and furnace repair in Central Arkansas. We earned our accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and our guarantee of "We're there when we say, or you don't pay" is a statement we proudly stand by.

Here are some examples of the services and specials we offer:

1 Worried about how much the average heater repairman will charge for your furnace repair? We have specials to help ease those worries and a club where members can receive 20% discounts on heating repairs and services, annual maintenance on your heating system, and more.

2 Even the most prepared homeowner can experience an emergency with their heating, but it's nothing we can't fix. We have 24 hour emergency services that will be there when you need us the most.

3 Even with all these deals, let's say you still have money woes. We have partnered with GE Capital Bank, Service Finance Company, and others to provide our clients with the best financing option available.

Call us at 501-224-3274 or contact us at our webpage to find out what DASH Heating and Cooling can do for you.