Need to Replace Your Heat Pump? Now's the Perfect Time


In terms of time of year, it's the ideal season to replace your heat pump if you've been putting it off, which is the case for several reasons. Financially, it won't be as much of a blow during a time of year when we generally have lower electric bills.

Also regarding the expense, it has been proven time and time again that having a more energy-efficient heat and air unit reduces bills year-round. And you will achieve higher efficiency with just about any modern heat pump.

Need to Replace Your Heat Pump? Now’s the Perfect Time

In fact, our expert installation crew at DASH Heating & Cooling® will make sure of it. We'll help you choose the appropriate heat pump for your cooling and heating unit. And we guarantee your satisfaction, just as we have for the past 75 years.

Here are some advanced features improving performance of today's heat pumps.

1 Inverter compressors allow heat pumps to operate to the exact heating or cooling capacity needed at any given time, as opposed to standard compressors that can operate only at full capacity. This feature results in significant savings and cuts down on compressor wear and tear.

2 Some models have variable, or dual-speed, motors on blowers (indoor fans), outdoor fans, or both. The controls help keep air circulating at a comfortable rate, which reduces drafts, saves you money, and decreases noise from blowers operating at full-speed.

3 Heat pump technology also has adapted the scroll compressor, consisting of two spiral-shaped scrolls with one fixed and the other circling around it. This design compresses refrigerant by forcing it into smaller and smaller spaces. Scroll compressors are reported to last longer and operate more quietly than standard piston compressors.

4 Some heat pumps are coupled with furnaces used to provide backup heat during cold weather. Most heat pumps use electric resistance heaters for this purpose. But back-up furnaces help to keep the heat pump from dispensing relatively cool air during cold snaps – and reduce energy consumption.

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