Routine Maintenance on Your Heating and Air Systems saves you money!


As the past few weeks have proven, Arkansas weather is no stranger to extremes! During this time of year, we often wind up running our heating and air conditioning on the same day, and we depend on both for protection from mother nature’s wrath.

DASH Heating & Cooling in Little Rock has been the leading provider of heating and air conditioning service for the central Arkansas area since 1939, and we’re a phone call away any time that you have service needs. We also recommend a few easy routine maintenance tasks that you can do on your own to keep your unit in working order:

Change Filters-You should replace your air filter at least every three months, and on a monthly basis during the summer.

Inspect vents and ductwork-Household vents should be free from obstructions, so be sure that they’re not blocked by furniture or drapery. Make sure that your vents are blowing a steady stream of cold (or warm) air.

Install a programmable thermostat-Programmable thermostats are a great way to lower your energy costs, and since your unit isn’t constantly running, they can add years to the unit’s operational lifespan.

Most heating and air units have an expected operational lifespan of 9-12 years, but many homeowners get significantly more years of performance by following a routine maintenance schedule. We recommend having your refrigerant charge checked and having your unit tuned up yearly, whether you’re having problems or not. And if you have an older unit, an upgrade may be more affordable than you think! Today’s heating and air conditioning units are more energy-efficient than ever, and may also qualify you for a utility or manufacturer rebate.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free household energy efficiency evaluation for your home, click here, or give us a call at (501) 224-3274.