Three Common A/C Problems and How to Deal With Them


It won’t be long and summer will be here to see what your home A/C is made of. Your A/C is ruggedly built to last for years in harsh conditions but some problems, if left unresolved, can shorten its life considerably.

DASH Heating and Cooling wants you to keep your cool this summer, so here are three things to watch for that can warn you today of a hot time later if you let it go:

Drainage Problems: When heat and humidity hit, keep an eye on the condensate drain to make sure it’s draining properly. A blockage could cause the drain to overflow. If it does stop up, turn the unit off and call us. We’ll send a trained A/C repair specialist over to inspect it, clear the blockage, and get your home comfortable again. Outside Fan Not Working: The outside fan moves air over the outside coils to cool the Freon. If it stops working, proper heat transfer can’t happen and your unit could overheat and either trip a breaker or worse, damage the unit. Call DASH to come inspect the unit and fix the problem.

Frozen Coil: A frozen coil often indicates an issue with the airflow, such as restrictions caused by dirty air filters or obstructed return air ductwork, or a coolant leak. DASH Heating and Cooling will have someone over to inspect the unit, find and repair the problem, so you can keep your cool.

All of these problems are your a/c’s way of calling for help. Other than changing your filters, there are no user-serviceable parts to an HVAC or other type cooling system, so calling a professional is the smart choice. Trying to fix it yourself can make the problem bigger and can injure you or your family in the process.

For the best in a/c repair in Little Rock, you can’t beat the professionals at DASH for the most reliable air conditioner service around. Treating our customers right is the only way we know how to treat them, so that’s how we’ve done it since 1939.

Don’t wait if there’s a problem. It’s not getting cooler, after all. Call DASH today at 501-224-3274 or contact us online for an appointment and remember, when you call DASH Heating and Cooling, "We're There When We Say, or You Don't Pay!"™