Three Facts About HVAC Installation and Repair


When it comes to installation and repair of your HVAC system, DASH Heating & Cooling® has been helping Central Arkansas keep its cool even in the hottest summer months for the past 76 years, and in that time we've learned a few things. For one thing, HVAC systems are typically the greatest consumer of energy in your home, so keeping your system in top shape with routine maintenance makes sense as it saves dollars.

Due to the expense involved, the HVAC technicians at DASH Heating & Cooling® want to make sure you make the best choices possible, because making a poor decision can cost you money up front and for years after. These three facts about HVAC installation and repair can save you a lot of money.

1 Decisions, decisions / Repair or Replace? – If you're facing a major repair bill on your HVAC system and it's 9 years old or more, you should probably consider replacing it instead. Newer units are far more energy efficient and the cost will likely be mitigated by lower monthly energy bills. Make sure to factor in the difference when you punch in the numbers for your repair/replace calculation.

2 Maintenance pays so you pay less – People generally notice their HVAC system when it fails, which, if it happens it's almost always at the worst possible time. A good HVAC system should last about 10 years and require minimal repair. A regular preventative maintenance regimen can make it last much longer, commonly 12 to 13 years with some even running with no major problems for 15 years. Regular maintenance can head off premature (and expensive) repair/replacement bills.

3 Select a professional to help – There's no substitute for experience and the HVAC professionals at DASH Heating & Cooling® can examine your system and recommend a course of action. We do full HVAC systems, AC installation and repair, heat pump installation, programmable thermostat installation, service your air ducts, and nobody beats our emergency repair service.

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