Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps!


From a technical standpoint, a heat pump is a refrigeration system that uses mechanical compression to move heat from one point in the system to another. The components include an air handler, which is installed indoors, and the heat pump itself, which is installed outdoors and looks similar to a standard central air unit. Because a heat pump only moves heat around, but doesn’t generate heat, it can operate more efficiently than standard HVAC units in moderate climates.

Although it may be necessary to install a supplemental heating system to assist during prolonged cold snaps, using a heat pump instead of a traditional HVAC system for heating and cooling may be something to consider.

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To ensure maximum efficiency and service life of your heat pump, installation should be performed by a qualified technician, such as the technicians employed by DASH Heating and Cooling®. Our installers will ensure your unit is properly charged with refrigerant, free of leaks, and with no airflow obstructions before they finish installation and at each service call or preventative maintenance interval.

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