Find Out What Uses the Most Energy and How to Cut it Down!


According to Daily, your home heating and cooling are the top two energy consumers in your home, accounting for just under half of your entire home energy costs, punching you right in the household budget.

Your household heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can send many dollars flying right out the window, or cracks in the air ducts, under the front door, you name it. By sealing holes, replacing air filters at least quarterly, and having your system serviced once a year, you can save as much as 20 percent, or even more, on your annual heating and cooling costs.

Same for AC. Insulate around windows and doors, seal air ducts and any cracks or holes, and have your ducts cleaned periodically so they’ll breathe easier (and so will you).

Also, if you are remodeling and have windows to replace, choosing Energy Star qualified replacement windows can save you even more money. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, so why spend good money heating and cooling the great outdoors? You can save energy AND save money just by giving your heating and air a little TLC.

By the way, another great way to save on heating and cooling bills is installation of a programmable thermostat. Save money and stay comfy year round.

Call the pros at DASH Heating & Cooling and we’ll have one of our friendly, professional, and highly qualified HVAC technicians check out your system and help you put it in tip-top condition. At DASH, your comfort is our concern, and you can save even more by joining the Club. You’ll enjoy big discounts, annual service to your system, and first priority should a problem leave you without heat or air. And, while we’re there, we’ll be glad to install that programmable thermostat for you.

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