Time to Crank up the Heat: Helpful Hints Can Help You Avoid Higher Electric Bills


Whether you're paying the bill for residential or commercial heating and cooling, most cringe when they receive the one right after that first cold snap each fall. Chances are, your higher heating usage leads to scarier energy costs, which is fitting so close to Halloween.

But seriously, there are many ways to avoid those frightening bills. DASH Heating & Cooling® offers some tips geared toward saving energy during fall and winter months:

Time to Crank up the Heat: Helpful Hints Can Help You Avoid Higher Electric Bills

1 The sun is your friend. Allow it to shine through south-facing windows to let in natural heat from the sun's rays. Also close curtains at night to cut down on chill.

2 Lower your thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting while home. Also turn it back 5 to 8 degrees when you're sleeping or away to save approximately 10 percent annually. Programmable thermostats make it easy.

3 Find and seal any place air can get in such as areas for piping, gaps around chimneys or recessed lighting, and untrimmed spots behind cabinets, closets, etc. Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal air leaks around windows and doors.

4 Have your heating and air service maintained regularly by a professional. And don't neglect routine maintenance like replacing filters.

5 Set your water heater's temperature to 120 degrees. The energy spent heating water accounts for 14-25 percent of a home's total energy consumption.

6 Using LED lights for holiday decorating can save you substantially as well.

Don't let dropping temperatures lead to rising electric and gas costs this winter. Our service technicians can offer a number of energy-saving solutions to help you out in that regard. We also provide the best heating and cooling systems on the market when it's time for a replacement.

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