Winter is on the Way. Is Your Heating System Ready?


It may be hard to think of cold weather with daytime temperatures still hitting the 80s and 90s, but Fall is only days away, and the onset of the cold won’t be far behind. In Arkansas, the boundary between summer and winter is often only a brief smattering of crisp, clear days, interspersed with a couple of warm-ups and a thunderstorm or two. Then, seemingly overnight, we find ourselves plunged into winter’s icy grip.

It’s about that time that home heating repair calls go through the roof. Kind of like Murphy’s Law, your windshield wipers never malfunction on sunny days and your home heating system works flawlessly right up until the time you actually need it.

You don’t have to run afoul of Murphy’s Law. Just a little planning can pay off in a big way by calling DASH Heating & Cooling® to check out your heating system now-before you need it-and any needed repairs will likely be far less trouble and expensive than they’ll be when it’s 15 degrees outside and we’re all wishing we had a pair of snowshoes tucked back in the closet.

At DASH, we are your full service heating and air company, offering furnace repair and installation services, install and repair of heat pump systems, and we offer duct cleaning services to keep your heat and air systems (and you) breathing easy. As we’ve help keep Central Arkansas comfortable over the past 76 years or so, we’ve learned that a little maintenance can go a long, long way toward keeping you comfortable and saving you money.

Also, if you’d like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your heating and cooling systems will receive regular maintenance and you’ll get service discounts and guaranteed 48 hour emergency response, join the Club! You’ll be glad you did.

Whatever your heating and cooling needs, call DASH Heating & Cooling® at (501) 224-3274 (that’s 224-DASH) or contact us online. And please, if possible, call us before you need us. We’re happy to offer 24 hour emergency service to our customers in case you need us but we’d much rather keep you from having an emergency in the first place.