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Dash is your reliable emergency plumber among Little Rock's plumbing companies, offering swift solutions for all your plumbing needs.

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FAQ about plumbing companies

What kind of work can a plumber do?

In Little Rock, our emergency plumbers can handle everything from plumbing fixture installations to sewer cleaning services. They also specialize in sump pump installation, water line replacement, garbage disposal repair, and backflow prevention services. Dash residential plumbers provide emergency plumbing, bathroom remodeling services, and drain and septic cleaning services. Rest assured, we’ve got 24-hour plumbers ready to assist you.

What should I consider when hiring a professional plumber in Little Rock?

Hiring a plumber involves checking their credentials, experience, and reviews. Ensure they are licensed, insured, and have a good reputation. Ask for references, get a detailed quote, and confirm their availability for emergency plumbing needs. At Dash, we hire only the best plumbers! Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7.

Do residential plumbers deal with water emergencies?

Emergency plumbers are the first responders for water emergencies like urgent sump pump installation, sump pump repair, and plumbing fixture replacements. They provide emergency plumbing to prevent further damage and restore normalcy. Dash’s emergency plumbers are available 24/7 year-round!

Do residential plumbers fix blocked sinks?

Yes, plumbing contractors can fix blocked sinks. Through drain snakes and hydro jetting, Dash’s plumbers clear blockages and ensure your sink drains smoothly. Call us, our emergency plumbers are ready to assist you. 

Can residential plumbers fix drain pipes?

Yes, emergency plumbers can fix drain pipes at your home. Our 24-hour plumbers provide sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services to ensure efficient drainage. Please don’t wait and contact our drain and sewer cleaning services before your problem escalates. 

What are the different types of plumbing systems plumbing contractors service?

There are primarily two plumbing systems: the water supply system, which brings fresh water into the property, and the drainage system, which removes wastewater. These systems may include various pipes, fixtures, and other components. Dash’s top-rated plumbers are skilled at plumbing fixture installation, plumbing fixture replacement, drain cleaning, and sewer cleaning. You can also contact our bathroom remodel contractors and kitchen remodeling contractors for more specialized jobs. 

What is the difference between plumbing fittings and plumbing fixtures?

Plumbing fixture installations use water, like sinks, toilets, and showers. Fittings, on the other hand, are the parts that connect these fixtures to the plumbing system, like valves, elbows, and tees. Our skilled plumbers can assess you if you are unsure whether you need a plumbing fixture replacement or a plumbing fitting. Call the best plumbers in Little Rock today! 

How much does a bathroom remodeling service cost?

The cost of a bathroom remodeling service varies based on materials and scope. While DIY can save labor costs, professional bathroom remodel contractors ensure quality and durability. Bathroom remodeling services can significantly increase home value and functionality. Get a more detailed estimate through Dash’s residential plumbers. 

Is it hard to remodel a kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling services are complex tasks involving plumbing, electrical work, and cabinetry. They require careful planning and skill, often making them a task best handled by a kitchen remodeling contractor. Reaching out to our residential plumbers can save you time and money. Call today!

Do plumbers install sump pumps?

Yes, plumbers ensure proper installation and connection to the drainage system to prevent basement flooding. Dash plumbing company provides sump pump installation and replacement, sump pump maintenance, sump pump repair, as well as sewer and drain cleaning services. We’ve got you covered for emergency plumbing situations with our 24-hour plumbers. We’re one of the best plumbing companies in town!  

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It’s All Guaranteed

It’s All Guaranteed

The Best Techs. The Friendliest Service.
For over 90 years, DASH has focused on customer satisfaction and exceptional service. We will do our best to continue with tradition to keep your best interest, and as always, we’ll expect nothing short of 100% satisfaction, guaranteed.

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Fast Response

Fast Response

Your calls are greeted by our in-house staff, who will schedule you for immediate service. Same-day service available for most emergencies so you never have to wait to get your problem under control.

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True Transparency Pricing

True Transparency Pricing

Most heating and air companies use industry-standard pricing, but DASH HEATING & COOLING® is different – that’s why we offer DASH True Transparency Pricing. This new pricing structure provides you visibility into our costs of doing business, so you can continue to trust what you get from DASH.

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Our Guarantees

  • All Techs Are Drug Tested & Undergo Background Checks

    Our friendly team consists of highly-trained and respectful professionals, ensuring your home’s safety and delivering exceptional service.

  • Pristine
    Property Protection

    We protect your home by wearing floor savers, using floor runners, and cleaning our work area.

  • NATE & EPA

    Every DASH technician is up-to-date on their certifications. By doing so, they remain current with the safest and most effective industry practices.

An expert plumbing company ready to assist you


Welcome to Dash, your go-to plumbing company in Little Rock, AR, known for our exceptional quality, readily available 24-hour plumber service, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We stand out among plumbing companies for our dedication and reliability.

We're more than just emergency plumbers; we're part of the Little Rock community, deeply understanding the specific plumbing challenges of our area.

Our team of top-rated plumbers is highly skilled and genuinely caring. We make sure that every job, whether it's hot water heater installs or sump pump replacement, is customized to meet your unique needs.

For those unexpected issues, our emergency plumbers are equipped to handle everything from straightforward repairs and installations to complex services like hydro jetting and backflow prevention services.

Need sump pump maintenance or any other plumbing service? Give us a call and let our plumbing contractors take care of your plumbing needs!

Introducing Little Rock's top-rated plumbers


At Dash, we recruit only the best plumbers around. Our team, particularly in emergency plumbing, is a blend of seasoned expertise and a genuine commitment to excellence. This approach sets us apart from other plumbing companies in the area.

Whether it’s a straightforward task like garbage disposal repair or something more complex like water line replacement, think of us as your reliable neighborhood emergency plumber.

Our emergency plumbing expertise is comprehensive, covering both essential services and specialized techniques like backflow prevention and hydro jetting.

Discover the Dash difference in plumbing services and see for yourself why we're above other plumbing companies in Little Rock.

Trust our quick emergency plumbing services


When it comes to emergency plumbing situations in Little Rock, rest assured, we're always ready with 24-hour plumbers on standby, day and night.

A burst pipe, a significant leak, or anything that poses an urgent threat to your property or safety – these are all emergency plumbing scenarios that we're equipped to handle.

While you wait for our emergency plumber to arrive, a good first step is to turn off your main water valve. This action can help minimize damage. And, please, keep a safe distance from any potential hazards.

Caught in a plumbing bind? Don't hesitate – just call Dash's 24-hour plumbing service. Remember, we're not just top-rated plumbers; we're your neighbors and problem-solvers, always here when you need us the most.

Upgrade with our residential plumbing services

We've earned our stripes as a standout among plumbing companies, thanks to our comprehensive range of services. 

Being a full-service plumbing company, we're proud to offer:

  • 24-hour plumbing 
  • Plumbing fixture installation and replacement
  • Bathroom remodeling services 
  • Kitchen remodeling services 
  • Water line repair 
  • Water line replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Sump pump repair 
  • Hot water heater installation 
  • Hot water heater replacement 
  • Water heater maintenance 
  • Tankless water heater installation 
  • Tankless water heater repair
  • Tankless water heater replacement 
  • Hydro jetting
  • Backflow prevention services
  • Drain cleaning service
  • Sewer cleaning service
  • Drain and septic cleaning services 
  • Drain and trench cleaning services 

Ready to experience service from one of the best plumbing companies around? Schedule an appointment with Dash plumbing company today and meet the best plumbers in Little Rock!

Transform your spaces with kitchen and bathroom remodeling services

Transform your home with the expertise of our plumbing company, specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Our team of plumbing contractor" is skilled in breathing new life into your living spaces.

Our bathroom remodel contractors are adept at integrating residential plumbing services like plumbing fixture installation to ensure your revamped bathroom not only looks great but functions seamlessly too.

Similarly, our kitchen remodeling contractors will assist you every step of the way. We pay careful attention to vital requirements, including"water line repair and water line replacement, so your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.

At Dash, we understand that remodeling can be a significant investment. That's why we offer flexible solutions, helping you turn your dream home into a reality without financial pressure.

For a comprehensive assessment and a detailed estimate, don't hesitate to contact our bathroom remodel contractors or kitchen remodeling contractors.

Different types of hot water heater installs for home comfort

Dash’s emergency plumbers handle a wide range of water heater installations and services. Whether you need a gas water heater installation or tankless water heater repair, we've got you covered.

Gas water heaters are a popular choice, especially for their efficiency. They're a great option for homes already equipped with natural gas lines and tend to be more cost-effective when it comes to water heater repair.

On the other hand, electric or tankless water heater installations are celebrated for their energy efficiency and compact design. They are suitable for those looking to save on energy bills. Switching to these units during a hot water heater replacement can be a smart move for space-saving needs.

Remember, our water heater installers and water heater maintenance specialists in Little Rock are just a call away, ready to provide expert assistance!

Customer Reviews


We now will always call and refer you to others when we need heating or air conditioning service. I’m sorry we had air conditioning trouble but glad to say we found your business due to that misfortune. We now will always call and refer you to others when we need heating or air conditioning service. Thanks so much for the great people.

Thelma Tucker


Our experience with DASH has been exceptional. Their technicians are always professional and courteous. Our experience with DASH has been exceptional. Their technicians are always professional and courteous. DASH has been servicing our home for more than ten years, with both new equipment and seasonal maintenance. We continue to enjoy a comfortable home.



I now appreciate the value of having the club membership. I am pleased with how quickly you responded to and repaired our air conditioning unit. I now appreciate the value of having the club membership.

Bruce Wilson

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